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Charing Station 7.4kW AC - 32A x2


5.000,405.330,40 TTC

• Floor standing single phase AC fast charger
• Double output
• Socket connector (type 2 standard / NF EN 62196-2)
• Type 2S and/or Type E/F connector (Optional)
• Compatible with all models of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
• Waterproof and robust case
• Differential type A included
• 3 years warranty



   Programmable charging mode
   A complete protection
   Multiple communication modes
   Single-phase power supply 230V AC – 32A x 2
   European standard
   Installation flexible


Express delivery – within 4 to 5 weeks
Standard delivery – within 8 to 10 weeks
Pick up your order – within 8 to 10 weeks or before if stock available (free)



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